Welcome to Encrypted Gaming! The purpose of Encrypted Gaming eSports Organization is to help Sponsor Gamers that are dedicated, and enjoy the game of Competitive Gaming. These gamers are the next upcoming generation of Pro players. Also we have an official Twitch Stream Team. Our members love to create fabulous content, they love to stream, and Represent the organization. Ever think of traveling the world, well this orginization will give opportunities to those that desire climbing the ranks, and becoming the best eSports player in the world. We collect funds through Investors, League Victories, Wager Matches, Store Commission, and Donations that all goes towards Sponsoring Professional Gamers. This Organization uses its Profits to help sustain Encrypted Gaming, and to help continue supporting its mission. #GetEncrypted


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Encrypted Gaming comp Apex Legends team has made it to Day 2 in the $100k League Qualifiers. We continue the battle Monday 6/29/2020 @ 3pm PST. Come out tomorrow afternoon and support the #EncryptedFam! #GetEncrypted

Newest Org Members

Encrypted Gaming would like to welcome our newest competitive Apex Legend team. They are a newly established team, and can’t wait to see them in action. #EncryptedFam #GetEncrypted

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Youtube Newest Vod

This is our newest video on YouTube. It is a clip of an organization member that won clip of the week. Hope everyone enjoys “Encrypted Gaming Clip of the Week 4-5-2020” and make sure to hit a like and subscribe for support!

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